Super Bowl Prop Bets

By Lance Zierlein
February 5, 2012

Photo: Carl Van Rooy Photography

Look, we're not telling to play all of these as you would obviously have to be in Las Vegas to do that (*nod* *nudge* *wink*), but here are some prop bets that we find to be of some interest.  When in doubt, I always ask myself what the god of proposition bets, Prop Joe, would do.

(favorite props are in underlined)

Game Line:  Giants +3

1st Quarter:  OVER 10.5

3Q Team Total:  Giants OVER 3.5

Coin Toss:  Tails

Team to Score First:  Giants -125 (Patriots will choose to defer if they win toss and Giants usually receive kick if they win toss)

Score in the first 6 minutes?:  Yes -115

Last Play of the Game:  Not a QB Kneel +150

Will there be a Horse Collar Penalty?:  No -400

Total Sacks:  UNDER 4.5

Total TDs in Game:  OVER 6.5

Giants Total Yards for Game:  OVER 395.5

Giants Total Rush Yards:  UNDER 104.5

Patriots with a Rush Attempt:  UNDER 5.5 -170

Patriots Convert a 4th Down:  Yes -110

Team with Longest KO Return:  Patriots -125  (Only 25% of Tynes' KOs have been touchbacks in postseason)

Eli Manning:  OVER 315.5 yards passing

Ahmad Bradshaw:  UNDER 62.5 yards rushing

Ahmad Bradshaw - Longest Pass Reception:  OVER 11.5  (Patriots could play plenty of zone which means he could get checkdowns)

Hakeem Nicks - Longest Pass Reception:  OVER 26.5

Mario Manningham - Total Receiving Yards:  OVER 46.5

Tom Brady - Rushing Yards:  OVER 4.5

Julian Edelman - Total Receiving Yards:  OVER 7.5

Players to Score 1st TD:
Mario Manningham +1000
Wes Welker +600
Brandon Jacobs +700


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