Super Bowl Prop Bets

By Lance Zierlein
February 5, 2012

You knew it was coming. LZ wades the prop bet waters and gives you the best.

Look, we're not telling to play all of these as you would obviously have to be in Las Vegas to do that (*nod* *nudge* *wink*), but here are some prop bets that we find to be of some interest.  When in doubt, I always ask myself what the god of proposition bets, Prop Joe, would do.

(favorite props are in underlined)

Game Line:  Giants +3

1st Quarter:  OVER 10.5

3Q Team Total:  Giants OVER 3.5

Coin Toss:  Tails

Team to Score First:  Giants -125 (Patriots will choose to defer if they win toss and Giants usually receive kick if they win toss)

Score in the first 6 minutes?:  Yes -115

Last Play of the Game:  Not a QB Kneel +150

Will there be a Horse Collar Penalty?:  No -400

Total Sacks:  UNDER 4.5

Total TDs in Game:  OVER 6.5

Giants Total Yards for Game:  OVER 395.5

Giants Total Rush Yards:  UNDER 104.5

Patriots with a Rush Attempt:  UNDER 5.5 -170

Patriots Convert a 4th Down:  Yes -110

Team with Longest KO Return:  Patriots -125  (Only 25% of Tynes' KOs have been touchbacks in postseason)

Eli Manning:  OVER 315.5 yards passing

Ahmad Bradshaw:  UNDER 62.5 yards rushing

Ahmad Bradshaw - Longest Pass Reception:  OVER 11.5  (Patriots could play plenty of zone which means he could get checkdowns)

Hakeem Nicks - Longest Pass Reception:  OVER 26.5

Mario Manningham - Total Receiving Yards:  OVER 46.5

Tom Brady - Rushing Yards:  OVER 4.5

Julian Edelman - Total Receiving Yards:  OVER 7.5

Players to Score 1st TD:
Mario Manningham +1000
Wes Welker +600
Brandon Jacobs +700