TSV Scouting Department

Brett Smith

Report Prepared By John Harris

Brett Smith Photo: carpenean.com


Class: Junior
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs.
School: Wyoming
  • Second on the team in rushing with 571 yards (2013)
  • Set school career records for total offense (10,365 yards), TD (97) and TD passes (76)
  • Holds MW record for total yards in a game (640 yards)
  • Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year (2011)
  • 2013 passing stats:  3,375 yards, 29 TD and eleven INT
  • 2013 rushing stats:  124 att, 571 yards and four TD

**Scouting report prepared by QB guru/former Wake Forest star QB James MacPherson

Combine Notes

  • Smith did NOT receive an invitation to the Combine.


  • Not a pretty throwing motion or rocket arm, but accurate and effective.
  • Excellent pocket presence, can throw in a phone booth.
  • Throws with touch and timing on all short and intermediate pass routes before receivers turn and break into their routes.
  • Extends and keeps plays alive inside and outside of the pocket.
  • Better than average foot speed and agility.
  • Can adjust arm angle to throw around defenders.
  • Playing style is similar to Philip Rivers with more running ability.
  • Tough competitor plays hard with a little swagger.


  • Limited arm strength.
  • Has a hitch and wind up in his delivery. 
  • Low sidearm release passes can get batted down at the line.
  • Will hold onto the football too long.
  • Misses identifying some defensive coverages and blitzes and adequately attacking those coverages.
  • Poor ball secuirty, holds the football loosely with one hand when scrambling and escaping defenders.
  • Inconsistent footwork on pass drops.
  • Struggles driving ball down field, impossible if he can't step into his throws.
  • Played almost every snap from the shotgun.
  • Will need to protect himself more and slide more frequently at the next level.
  • Did not play against top level competition in the Mountain West Conference.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

1:14 Misses easy inside slant, with MLB vacating middle with motion.
2:02 Misses blitz and hot throw but makes defender miss and throws a touchdown.
2:44 Recognizes MLB vacating this time, and hits slant.
2:55 Bad decision and under throws deep post lack of arm strength for an Interception.
3:43 Shows has some decent running ability to pick up first downs.
4:08 Throws out route to his left on time, soft and floats a bit average arm strength.
4:50 Misread does not see hot throw to running back flare into blitz.
4:57 Nice seam throw in tight window over middle. 
7:34 Good job stepping up buying time, good reload and pass over the middle.
8:03 Great pass throwing on the run to his left.
11:12 Reads the free safety and hits a seam route over underneath defender for a touchdown.
12:10 Accurate touch throw on the corner route for a touchdown.
14:36 Good job making defenders miss, but poor decision with :11 left, needing a field goal to tie, holds onto football too long and lets time run out.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:01 Poor footwork pass sails high.
:24 Nice pass and location on go route on the sideline.
1:23 Not a good decision 3rd & 1 OLB and Safety walked out over bubble route, should have read the zone and given it to RB.
2:03 Misses blitz read and hot throw to bubble receiver and takes a sack.
2:58 Excellent job keeping play alive and making a great throw rolling to his right.
3:10 Good read and throw in the hole for a TD.
6:04 Impressive scramble and makes a play with his feet, needs protect the football with two hands. 
7:00 Poor ball security carrying football in one hand gets stripped and fumbles.
7:21 Impressive job stepping up throwing inside a phone booth.
9:32 Good throw in the hole down field. 
10:06 Impressive run showing off quick feet and decent foot speed.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:22 Recognizes blitz hits quick slant.
:48 Nice seam post read and pass over linebackers for touchdown.
1:51 Good deep stop throw to field from far hash.
2:34 Great throw on deep post but dropped.
2:58 Impressive escapability and scramble.
3:45 Tough run, takes a hit, will need to slide or get down in NFL.
4:27 Good recognition of cover 0 hits open bubble route.
5:29 Misread, throws quick out into squatting corner, should have hit fade in the hole but may not have strong enough arm.
5:37 Good decision to get down avoiding big hit.
5:55 Misread, single safety should throw hitches to left not quick out fade to right which is covered and results in a sack.
8:07 Excellent scramble but needs to be smarter not to use up too much clock in Two-Minute drill.
8:28 Great throw and timing on shake route for a touchdown before the half.


Against Nebraska, Smith showed what a competitor he is making throws and bringing his team back against a more talented Nebraska team on the road.  He made some impressive plays buying time in the pocket and delivering strikes to his receivers.  He also showed his running ability on a couple impressive runs on quarterback draws.  However, his limited arm strength was clearly evident when he under threw a deep post that floated and was intercepted. While he did not display a rocket arm, he was still effective passing the ball accurately and getting the ball out on time before his receivers broke into their routes, many of which were into tight coverage frustrating the Nebraska defense.  He did miss some blitz reads and hot throws on third down.  This is troubling because he should have expected pressure on third downs which these possessions resulted in punts and could have been the difference in the game.  At the NFL level, he'll need to beat those blitzes with hot throws.  As I stated in a previous write-up, former Indianapolis Colts OC Tom Moore used to preach to his quarterbacks to get the football out against the blitz or the trainers will be coming to cart you off the field. 
In a tight game against New Mexico Brett Smith made the plays with his arm and legs in the fourth quarter to lead his team to victory.  The last touchdown was an impressive 48-yard scamper he outran the defense to seal the win.  He again showed his impressive pocket presence buying time and making throws.  Like in the Nebraska game, he again missed a couple of blitz reads one resulting in a sack on third down.  He also displayed lack of ball security, holding the football loosely in one hand when escaping the pocket, and was stripped for a fumble. Wyoming was fortunate to recover.  While his competitiveness is fun to watch, ball security and recognizing and beating blitzes with hot throws will be critical to becoming a successful quarterback at the NFL level.
Once again Brett Smith showed off his ability to make plays with his feet as well as with his arm.  He had a couple of impressive runs putting his shoulder down and taking hits and popping back up.  He will need to learn to slide at the next level, which he did do later in the game.  He led the offense on a two-minute drive to score before halftime. Again, he continued to miss some defensive coverage reads on several pass plays which makes me still question his understanding of reading defensive coverages.