Greg Robinson


Height: 6’5″
Weight: 332 lbs.
School: Auburn

  • Second-team All-American (2013)
  • First-team All-SEC (2013)
  • Started 23 of 24 games in his career
  • Key figure on OL that led the way for the nation’s No. 1 rushing offense
  • Helped lead RB Tre Mason to New York City as a Heisman Finalist


Combine Notes

**Robinson was a clear winner at the Combine.

**Combine measurements

  • 40 yard dash – 4.92
  • Bench Press – 32 reps
  • Vertical Jump – 28.5″
  • Broad Jump – 9’5″


  • Arm length – 35″
  • Hands – 10″


  • Good bend in knees and hips
  • Will launch into his target with upward, jarring punches
  • Keeps hands inside and snatches target with strong hands
  • Proficient in space as a blocker in screen game
  • Initial pad level and leverage out of snap is unmatched in this tackle class
  • Great NFL frame with weight evenly distributed
  • Able to remain engaged and ride out moving targets
  • Nimble, quick-footed athlete
  • Aggressive and physical at the point of attack
  • Dominant run blocker
  • Loves to finish his blocks
  • Initial footwork is solid helping him get to reach blocks
  • Tools and traits to become plus pass protector



  • Limited experience as a pass protector at run-heavy Auburn
  • Flagged for 75 yards including 8 holding penalties (many in run game)
  • Base gets too narrow at times in run game
  • Leans too much as run blocker and needs to bring hips under him
  • Desire to obliterate as run blocker causes him to get out of control at times
  • Waist bender in pass pro
  • Will panic and lunge in protection rather than trusting his feet
  • Weight distribution is too far forward as pass protector



Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:12 Displays good patience and body control making 2nd level block
1:01 Extremely quick 1st step out of his pass set
1:42 Takes proper steps, targets and explodes up into the DE but hangs on too long and gets holding call
1:57 Generates power with leverage
2:16 Looks to engage too quickly rather than getting more depth on his pass set
3:07 You can see his bad habit of starting to grab/hold at the end of this play
3:58 Love the aggressiveness, but holds again at the end of the play for no reason
4:08-4:30 Looking for a physical tackle?  Here you are
6:00 Literally lifts defender off of his feet with power, explosion and leverage
6:20 Weight gets too far forward and loses balance

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:38 Explodes from his hips and jars defender backwards with arm extension
:43 Destroys DT on double team block
1:14 Pure power moving his man three yards off the line of scrimmage
1:41 Falls off of his block with weight too far forward
2:24 Works up to second level, but I like the mean part at the end
2:53 Bends waist and drops head upon contact allowing man around the corner

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:50 Robinson gets to reach block and seals from TE spot on right in unbalanced line
:59 Pure, unadulterated power
1:45 Needs to roll hips to mobilize and create better balance
1:58 Should continue moving feet to get into position rather than lunge
2:11 Loses leverage battle and gets flattened
2:33 Not cleanest footwork, but able to get to blitzer off edge
3:06 Out in front of screen and makes crushing block in space
3:46 Strong at point of contact but base narrows and DE able to disengage
5:30 Engages and destroys with elite finishing qualities
6:16 Great change of direction and then instincts to see twist over the top
8:04 Weight gets too far in front and loses balance


Greg Robinson is a redshirt Sophomore who has started at left tackle over his last two seasons earning a First-Team All-SEC selection this year.  Robinson isn’t as tall as most teams like at tackle, but his thick frame and nimble feet more than make up for that.

When it comes to run blocking, Robinson is in a class by himself.  With his strong hands and jarring explosiveness off the snap, Robinson can get into defenders and drive them off the ball in a dominating fashion.  Mostly, Robinson’s blocking took place in smaller spaces, but he has the feet to get outside when asked.

As dominating as Robinson is as a run blocker, he is green as a pass protector.  Robinson allowed 3 sacks over final two games and 9 over the previous two seasons and needs a great deal of technique work so he’ll stop leaning so much rather than just trusting his feet and natural power.

Robinson needs work in pass protection, but he has the necessary traits to turn pass protection into a strength within a couple of years.  When you combine his size, power, feet and overall upside, Robinson has the potential to be the first tackle taken in this year’s draft.