TSV Scouting Department

James Hurst

Report Prepared By Lance Zierlein


Height: 6'5"
Weight: 298 lbs.
School: North Carolina


  • Keeps hands inside on initial punch
  • Comes out low and with pop on down blocks
  • Shows good awareness vs. T/E and E/T stunts
  • Has some snap in his punch
  • Solid drive blocker who keeps churning feet after contractNot very consistent at hitting target when cut blocking



  • Looks too heavy-footed for LT position
  • Fails to make up enough ground with his kick slide
  • Weight too far forward - leaner
  • Not much to look at in space... not very athletic
  • Edge speed can bend corner against him too often


When I first studied Hurst last year I liked what I saw; however, upon further inspection, I've come to realize that there just isn't enough athleticism and skill there for me to get overly excited about his NFL future.
Hurst displays more power than I expected based upon his high-cut frame and I like the way he was able to drive defenders off of their spots in the running game.  The big problem I have is that his feet are not good enough to play left tackle and his technique needs work in order to be a consistent enough pass blocker on the right side.
Hurst has difficulty making up enough ground with his kick slides to be able to keep edge speed from turning the corner on him and I see QBs having to step up in the pocket too often rather than having Hurst ride his man around the arc.
I do think that Hurst has enough core strength and bend to be able to play inside at guard and he does a pretty good job with his hands.  Hurst's average feet will make it hard to be a consistent starter at tackle in the NFL.  If I'm a team, I take a close look at Hurst as a mid-round guard who can help with roster flexibility as a swing tackle.