TSV Scouting Department

Ka'Deem Carey

Report Prepared By John Harris


Class: Junior
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 196 lbs.
School: Arizona


  • Decisive runner, not prone to dancing
  • Good vision
  • If he gets to second level, forget it - excellent breakaway speed
  • Good in the screen game
  • Best when out in space
  • Shoulders stay square to LOS on cuts - never loses ground or stops to cut
  • Jump cut in space is tremendous weapon
  • Understands down, distance and situation - high football IQ
  • Balance


  • Too upright, takes big shot
  • Can be impatient, doesn't let blocks develop on long developing play
  • Won't break tackles or power through tacklers, but does attempt to run over second/third level defenders
  • Weird dichotomy - great speed, but not effective on wide runs (sweep)
  • No pass protection skills to speak of

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:05 Plants right foot, drives into hole, good burst - proves his one cut running prowess
0:41 Inside zone, hits acceleration boosters for TD
1:54 Burst off the cut is impressive
2:44 Little bit of everything on this run - shakes tackle, freezes corner with shake move, explosive speed
3:07 Double jump cut to the left, leads to TD.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:57 Cutback, jocks defender with jump cut for big run
3:00 Pass protection is weak
3:44 Won't run over tacklers, but if you don't finish tackle, he'll shrug off weak attempts - best run on this tape

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

2:47 Shakes OLB - embarrasses him really (OSU)
3:25 Screen, reads blocks in space, scores TD (OSU)
4:44 Excellent read on inside zone run for TD (OSU)
5:10 Uh, just watch - doesn't go down, keeps fighting for yards (OSU)
6:29 Keep an eye on subtle move in space that freezes safety with tackling angle (CU)
6:49 When his foot hits the five yard line, he hits a different gear to get to TD (CU)
12:48 Picks up blitzer on opposite side of center, best pass protection on tape (Oregon)


The NFL has become a space game and Carey can exploit a defense out in space as well as any draft eligible runner.  He's got great interior vision and has the prerequisite burst to get to the second level on inside zone runs.  He's got plenty of shake in space and has ability to jump cut or freeze a defender when he gets to the second or third level.  This isn't a strong running back class, but he'll have to be at the top of it, but I worry about the pounding he'll take.  He's not soft at all but he runs upright and will take a pounding unless he runs more effectively behind his pads.