Seantrel Henderson


Class: Senior
Height: 6’6 7/12″
Weight: 331 lbs.
School: Miami (FL)

  • Third-team All-ACC (2013)
  • Made eight starts at RT (2013)
  • Started seven games at RT (2012)
  • Nation’s top recruit out of HS in 2010

Senior Bowl Notes

  • Henderson accepted an invitation to play in the 2014 Senior Bowl in Mobile.
  • On Monday, I was pleasantly surprised with the way that he used his long arms and natural athletic ability to keep Stanford DE Trent Murphy locked up.  Henderson did fall flat on his face after leaning face first into a run block and that has to be corrected on his part, but As someone who has a much lower grade on Henderson than most, it was a decent start to the week.


  • Wide frame but doesn’t carry much excess weight
  • Despite his massive size, has decent movement skills
  • Shows the ability to get out and make blocks in screen game
  • Has the length to stymie a variety of pass rushing styles
  • Former basketball player
  • Rare mass and length make him intriguing right tackle prospect


  • Heavy legged
  • Struggles to recover when beat in pass protection
  • Has a tendency to drop his head and not see what he’s blocking in the run game
  • Tends to play too upright when pass protecting
  • Inconsistent weight distribution and gets knocked off-balance because of it
  • Sluggish with his hand in pass pro
  • Pushes more than “grabs and mauls”
  • Suspended multiple times

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:40 Outside zone and Henderson has his man blocked initially but can’t stay engaged and loses contact
2:12 Much too stiff-legged with no knee bend allows his man to threaten the edge
4:10 Moves up to 2nd level smoothly and locks up LB
5:04 Despite his length, Henderson gets beat to the punch and then struggles to revover after inside move
7:18 Should be a favorable power block matchup but his man sheds Henderson quickly

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:12 Excellent job of getting out to the perimeter to help spring TD play on WR screen
1:36 Attempts to excecute a cut-block but doesn’t keep his eye on the target and almost takes out his own teammate
2:30 Good initial step to get up to 2nd level and seal LB, but lacks instincts to take proper angle to get him blocked
3:12 Starts to “gallop” and lets feet get too close together losing a proper base.  Gets knocked off-balance due to it
3:45 Locks onto defenders and drives him off the line of scrimmage with power and driving feet


Seantrel Henderson was widely considered to be the top high school recruit in 2009 and initially committed to USC before being granted a release after they were hit with sanctions.  Henderson is a massive man who doesn’t appear to carry much excess weight on his frame.  His body type reminds me of D.J. Fluker.

Henderson came in with a ton of fanfare but has never lived up to the hype.  Despite his massive size and relative athleticism, he hasn’t been able to dominate and was named to the All-ACC Third Team this season.  Henderson does an average to below average job of properly targeting his defender and establishing proper hand placement so that he can use his physical gifts.  Some of his run game flaws appear to be coachable.  If he can get some flaws corrected, he could be a very capable run blocker.

Henderson’s pass protection will always be a problem as he tends to have too much of his weight distributed to his outside foot when he gets into his pass sets.  This is one of the reasons you see Henderson struggle with balance from time to time.  On the next level, edge rushers are going to be a substantial problem for him and when he oversets (and he will), it will leave him wide open inside and with bull rushes.

Not only has Henderson been disappointing on the field, his actions off the field have lead to suspensions in three consecutive seasons.  Teams are willing to take chances on talented players with suspect character, but Henderson’s character concerns and his average body of work makes his Senior Bowl performance extremely important to his draft stock.