John Harris

Keys: Florida State vs. Clemson

September 20, 2014

Can a Winston-less Florida State pull an upset over season-spoilers Clemson?

TWTW: South Carolina makes a crucial stand, Texas gets Bruined and what Kenny Hill needs to do to be better

September 15, 2014

In his weekly recap, John Harris digs deep into the college football weekend, including special thoughts on Mariota, what's going on at Texas and South Carolina edging out a win in the SEC East as underdogs against Georgia.

NFL Numerology

By Jake Langenkamp In Numerology

With two weeks in the books, trends are starting to materialize in the NFL. Statistics can be fluky, and teams have played drastically different levels of opponents, but nonetheless certain tendencies cannot be ignored. Teams can still reverse course for better or worse, but many will continue validate assumptions based on two weeks of results.

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

Very rarely do we see a Super Bowl rematch the year after it’s played, but this weekend we will see just that when the Broncos travel to Seattle. The Seahawks find themselves 1-1 despite...