Source: Wimbley's Deal Won't work for Team

By Adam Caplan
March 1, 2012

As noted here recently, the Oakland Raiders are looking to make decisions on several veteran contracts.

And as noted quite well, the Raiders could save $17.5 million if starting SLB Kamerion Wimbley is not on the roster as of Mar. 17.  

Here are the full details of Wimbley’s contract (some of which were not known at the time of a previous update):

For 2012, his contract carries a base salary of $11 million. $6.5 million is fully guaranteed. The remaining portion ($4.5 million) becomes fully guaranteed if he’s on the roster as of Mar. 17. His salary cap number is $11.85 million. The reason why the Raiders set up the structure of the extension he signed last August was to get him off his franchise salary of over $11.3 million for 2011. They were able to lower his base salary from that total to just $750,000. And by agreeing to do this, Wimbley would pocket roughly $300,000 extra. Agents and/or players won’t normally agree to a restructuring (more or less a favor in some instances) unless there’s something, albeit small, in it for them. And they shouldn’t. Why blame the agent or player for a good deal for them but bad for the team? The team is the side that writes the check(s).

And as also notes, if Wimbley is on the offseason roster on Mar. 17, then his entire $11 million base salary for 2013 becomes fully guaranteed as well as $2 million of his salary for 2014, which is $10 million. A source confirmed the total fully guaranteed money that Wimbley would be owed over the next three seasons if he’s on the roster as of Mar. 17 is $24 million ($11 million in 2012, $11 million in 2013, $2 million in 2014). Wimbley’s $11.5 million base salary for 2015 (the final year of his contract) is not guaranteed.

Needless to say, as NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora points out, Wimbley will be cut if he doesn’t agree to a restructuring. We’ve also confirmed this, but there doesn’t seem to be a hard deadline for Wimbley to agree to a restructuring or even a new deal, if both sides go in that direction.  But with the Raiders dealing with severe cap problems, the team will have to be in compliance by Mar. 13 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Should Wimbley be released, he’s capable of latching on with teams that use a 4-3 (DE or SLB) or 3-4 (OLB).