Senior Bowl North QBs - Tuesday

By Adam Caplan
January 25, 2012

Tuesday's wrap-up of North Senior Bowl QBs from Mobile, Ala.


An inside look at the Senior Bowl quarterbacks from the North squad on Tuesday:

  1. Kirk Cousins

    Michigan St.

    Arm Strength: 4.75

    Comments: Cousins proved to me that he’s certainly capable of making NFL type throws. And he’s also willing to make ones between two defenders, which he did repeatedly during this practice. He did a nice job of getting his body into his throws and threw with good body lean and torque.

    Accuracy: 4.75

    Comments: I can count on three fingers the amount of throws which went off the mark during the 90-minute practice session. Cousins threw with conviction and power during the entire practice. He looked like he wanted to prove to NFL personnel evaluators that he should be mentioned as one of the top passers for this draft.

    Mechanics/Pocket Awareness: 4.5

    Comments: Cousins really throws with proper mechanics. He sets up well and throws with good balance. He nice a nice job of squaring his shoulders on most throws.

  2. Russell Wilson


    Arm Strength: 3.5

    Comments: Despite his diminutive size, Wilson can actually throw the ball with power. Where he struggled a bit was with throws down field. His release and arm action is slightly similar to former NFL QB Rohan Davey.

    Accuracy: 3.75

    Comments: What I liked about Wilson is his poise in the pocket. He never seemed rushed throughout the practice session. And because of that, he threw mostly with pretty good accuracy. He did struggle a bit with accuracy on deeper throws.

    Mechanics/Pocket Awareness: 3.75

    Comments: Wilson sets up with a nice base and is able to make a variety of throws. He throws with good balance and has a sense of what’s going on around him.

  3. Kellen Moore

    Boise St.

    Arm Strength: 2.5

    Comments: Moore reminds me of current NFL QB and former Senior Bowl participant Tyler Palko. Both have well less than ideal arm strength. And both struggle to get the ball down field.

    Accuracy: 3.5

    Comments: Moore threw with good poise and better footwork today, and as a result, he was more accurate. He also seemed more relaxed. His throws 20 yards and in were very accurate. He struggled a bit to hit on mostly everything farther down field.

    Pocket Awareness/Movement: 3.25

    Comments: Moore did a better job today of setting his feet and setting up with a solid base. He’ll never look great because of his lack arm strength, but he threw with more confidence as the session progressed.