TSV Scouting Department

Antonio "Tiny" Richardson

Report Prepared By Lance Zierlein


Class: Junior
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 336 lbs.
School: Tennessee
  • Third-team All-American (2013)
  • 2x Second-team All-SEC (2013, 2012)
  • Rotary Lombardi Award/Outland Trophy watch list (2013)
  • 24 career starts

Combine Notes

**Combine measurements

  • 40 yard dash - 5.30 seconds
  • Bench Press - 36 reps
  • Vertical Jump - 24.5"

**Arm/Hand Measurements

  • Arm length - 35"
  • Hand size - 10 1/4"


  • Huge frame with weight well distributed
  • Rolls hips up under him when he can stay engaged in run game
  • Has relatively light feet for a man his size
  • Has ability to sink hips and take a stand against a bull rush
  • Has enough upper body strength to subdue power ends


  • Plays like he's on skates against athletic DEs
  • Has to have defenders come to him - doesn't go get them very well
  • Pass sets feature stiff legs and lack of natural knee bend
  • Takes poor angles to 2nd level and struggles to get backside blocks
  • Has major problems changing directions and struggles against inside moves
  • Leans into blocks and fails to stay engaged for very long
  • Doesn't mirror effectively
  • Lacks body control to break down in space and block LBs with consistency

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:39 Ducks head leading into contact and loses sight of his man
1:16 Initial step outside is too wide and isn't able to regroup to make block on inside move
2:24 Relaxed set up and good initial engagement with hands
2:48 Drops anchor toward end of the rush and buries Clowney
5:11 Too wide on first step again and Clowney easy makes inside move
5:50 Conrolled footwork and is able to keep sturdy base to lock out his man
6:18 Has weight too far back in pass set and loses his base getting bull-rushed
7:59 Shows lack of body control in failing to break down in space
8:32 Doesn't have the feet to be able to catch and redirect moving target


Richardson was awarded 2nd Team All-SEC by the coaches and the A.P. and was tabbed 3rd Team All-American by CBSSports.com.  Richardson decided to forego his final season with the Vols in order to test the waters in the pros after starting at tackle over the last two season.
I have some major concerns about Richardson's athleticism that lead me to believe he could end up struggling badly on the next level.  Despite the fact that Richardson sports relatively nimble feet for a man his size, he has considerable problems changing directions and struggles to re-direct defenders who make inside moves on him off of the snap.  Athletic DEs who attack at a variety of rush angles will be able to have success pressuring the QB against Richardson.
Against power, Richardson does fine and he has the length to push average rush ends around the arc in pass protection; however, he tends to use his outside hand too often to get first engagement which opens him up to the inside move.  As a run blocker, he will need to be utilized in a power scheme with the understanding that he'll be inconsistent with executing 2nd level blocks - especially on the backside.
Richardson is able to handle average athletes who come right at him, but I see him fall of his his blocks far too often against defenders who are active due to his leaning and waist-bending.  Richardson is not a natural bender and gets way too upright in stiff-legged in pass protection and I'm concerned that many of Richardson's issues are physical and cannot be improved much with coaching.  I see him as a right tackle only and an average NFL tackle.