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Bradley Roby

Report Prepared By John Harris

Bradley Roby Photo:


Class: Junior
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 193 lbs.
School: Ohio State
  • Third-team All-American (2013)
  • 2x First-team All-B1G (2013, 2012)
  • First-team All-American (2012)
  • 2013 stats:  63 tackles, three INT, 13 PBUs and two blocked punts



  • Ball aware - seems to understand where it is in the air, in receiver's hands, on ground
  • Hip turn and redirect are off the charts smooth
  • Speed allows him to make up for initial technique mistakes or guesses
  • Excellent football IQ - reads QB's drop and plans accordingly.
  • Explosive to and through the receiver when he breaks
  • Throws his body around, fearless


  • Will get involved in run game, but not Antoine Winfield (one of best force corners I've ever seen)
  • Throws his body into ball carriers but doesn't wrap up nearly at all
  • Technique gets sloppy
  • Gets overaggressive on intermediate routes
  • Susceptible to double moves

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:27 Shows press, bails, plays off, breaks on in route in a flash - such a great play
2:14 Hustle saves a TD, backside CB, runs down WR - speed and hustle (saved four points)
2:29 Overreacts to inside dip by WR, does redirect to be in good shape on fade throw
2:50 Excellent play recognition and break on the ball
3:10 Squats at sticks to prevent throw for first down, recovers to break up deep ball.
4:35 Breaks up pass in end zone, rips ball away from strong TE
4:54 Saves another touchdown with recovery speed (bites HARD on sluggo route but still recovers)
5:24 Pass break up showing his feet and burst back to the ball

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:01 Fearless in run support - completely sacrifices his body to blow up the edge
0:11 Just exquisite cornerback play - feet, hips, burst on the ball, hands, pick six time
1:59 Stays disciplined and at home on TE throwback on goal line - great play recognition
2:36 2nd pick of the game, beats WR to the spot and jumps in front for a pick
3:59 Throws body into QB on scramble, failure to wrap up costs Bucks a TD
5:02 Watch the break on the ball - arrives at exact right time - when he knows, he goes.


There's so much to love about Roby, even though he's probably relying on pure athletic ability at this point.  If he cleans up his technique - consistent backpedal, improvement against double move and cleaner transitions - he can be as good at the next level as he desires.  After the 2012 season, I thought he was the best corner prospect that I could remember in the last few years.  In the Penn State game alone, he saved four points hustling downfield after WR on the opposite side of the field caught pass and headed for end zone.  He knocked away two potential touchdowns on consecutive plays early in the fourth quarter.  You could argue that by making those three plays he "scored" 10 points for the defense in one of the biggest Buckeye wins of the year. 
But, the 2013 season showed the other side of Roby.  Undisciplined.  Clutching and grabbing.  Eyes into the backfield.  The epitome of the 2013 season, in my estimation, was the whipping that Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis administered on national television.  It didn't matter whether it was deep down the field or on catch and run situations; the Badger pass catcher destroyed Roby.  The small cracks that showed last year were blown completely open that night.  Roby still came up with an interception in that game and will always be around the football.
He plays the short side of the field for the Buckeyes, but he could play the wide side, the right side, the left side, the strong side or the weak side and it wouldn't matter.  He'll play off, press, zone.  He's got tremendous recovery speed, reads QBs eyes and drops well and will take some chances.  Unfortunately, the 2013 season showed that he still has plenty of work to do, no matter the visible physical skills.