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Connor Shaw

Report Prepared By John Harris

Connor Shaw Photo: CBSSports.com


Class: Senior
Height: 6' 1/3"
Weight: 206 lbs.
School: South Carolina
  • Led the Gamecocks to their best three year run in school history (27-5 record as a starter)
  • Gamecocks won three bowl games under his leadership
  • Threw one interception as a senior (24 TDs)
  • 2013 passing stats:  2,447 yards passing, 24 TD and one INT
  • 2013 rushing stats:  558 net rushing yards and six TD

**Scouting report prepared by QB guru/former Wake Forest star QB James MacPherson

Combine Notes

**Combine Measurements

  • 40 yard dash - 4.66 seconds
  • Vertical jump - 34"
  • Broad jump - 9'8"
  • 3-cone drill - 7.07 seconds
  • 20 yard shuttle - 4.33 seconds

**Arm/hand measurements

  • Arm length - 30"
  • Hand size - 9 1/4"


  • Dual threat athletic quarterback.
  • Very good arm strength, also able to be accurate without stepping into his passes.
  • Makes good decisions and takes care of the football (24 TD's, 1 INT in 2013).
  • Quick release.
  • Mentally and physically tough competitor.
  • Decent footwork dropping back and setting up to pass.
  • Clutch player, makes great plays with the game on the line, and 3rd and 4th downs.
  • Throws well on the run and moving his feet.
  • Had some responsibility to change plays at the line of scrimmage.


  • Takes off to run too quickly instead of going through his progression on pass plays.
  • Not a polished passer understanding coverages and throwing a wide variety of pass routes.
  • Does not consistently throw with anticipation and rhythm.
  • Sometimes waits to see receiver open before he throws it.
  • Inconsistent accuracy on easy short and intermediate routes.
  • Needs to protect the football a little better as a runner, surrendered a couple of fumbles this year.
  • Takes some hits running the football, will need to learn to slide more in the NFL.
  • Played most of his career from the shotgun, will need to learn to play from under center.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

1:34 Takes a sack instead of throwing it away. 
1:54 Takes off to run too quickly instead of going through his progression.
2:15 Good quick release and throw to backside slant route.
2:50 Better job going through progression, then taking off to run showing athleticism on 19 yard gain.
3:38 Big time throw to Post Corner to the field from the far hash for a touchdown.
4:44 Good scramble, but misses read with mismatch WR on LB down the middle for a possible big pass play.
5:34 Shows his arm strength hitting the go route to the field from far hash for a TD again exploiting the matchup on Georgia's freshman CB.
6:15 Good rhythm and throw.
6:24 Misses read, almost identical route has an open 6 yard hitch route to the left with soft coverage.
6:45 Poor throw on drag route to the tight end.
6:53 Misses hot throw early, takes off to run needs better ball security, ball gets punched out for a fumble.
8:01 Great throw on 3rd down should have been caught.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

1:37:45 Nice throw on the move to his left on bad knee on 3rd & 10
1:40:10 Changes play at the line of scrimmage.
1:53:13 Great throw on 3rd down not able to step into throw because of his sprained left knee.
1:55:47 Good pass rolling out on a bad knee.
2:11:03 Big throw on inside bender route for a 25 yards and a first down.
2:20:59 Again, shows enough arm without being able to completely step into the throw.
2:23:50 Throwing on the run rolling to his left for tying touchdown.
2:38:31 4th & goal, clutch pass to send it to 2 OT

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

6:27 Good rhythm throw off play action to start the game.
11:17 Extends play and throws on the run for a first down.
28:42 Slips and throws a nice deep post strike for a TD.
41:55 Good scramble and flip pass for first down on 3rd & 5.
1:16:11 Poor ball security, gets stripped for a fumble.
1:23:18 Nice rhythm pass on deep curl.
1:23:56 Poor pass low and in the dirt.
1:28:55 Great corner route on time for a TD.
1:41:27 Changes play at LOS, throws post route into double coverage - shows arm strength for a big gain.
1:50:42 Great go route throw over the outside shoulder.


Even in a loss at Georgia, Shaw played well, but showed impatience in the pocket taking off to run too soon with open receivers. This resulted in some stalled drives and lost scoring opportunities.  He still showed he has good arm strength completing two touchdown passes on a post corner and go route, respectively, both from the far hash mark.  He was most effective with his legs when he went through his entire progression and then took off to run.  To play quarterback at the next level, he must show more patience going through his reads and progressions in the pocket, before taking off to run as a last resort.


Against Missouri, Connor Shaw missed the first half with a sprained left knee from the previous Tennessee game.  In a gutsy performance, he led his team from a 17-0 deficit on the road against the undefeated #5 ranked team to a 27-24 2OT victory.  A hobbled Shaw still made plays with his feet but did most of the damage with his arm.  One pass in particular on a corner route on 4th & 15 in the first overtime to tie it, send it to a 2nd OT, and an eventual win.  Shaw showed what a mentally, and physically, tough competitor and leader he is.  Even hobbled, South Carolina still moved him around on a couple of sprint out passes and bootlegs and he made the throws despite the evident pain.  While it is not fair to say he won the game picking apart the Missouri defense entirely from the pocket; nevertheless it was an impressive gutsy performance by Shaw.


In the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin, Shaw ended his career with an excellent performance passing the ball completing 22 of 25 passes for 312 yards and 3 TD's while even rushing and catching a TD pass.  He did an excellent job also throwing the deep ball throwing several on the money.  He showed that he does have potential to be considered as an NFL quarterback with the tough passes he made, and also continuing to show his ability to use his legs and is a tough competitor as well.