TSV Scouting Department

David Fales

Report Prepared By John Harris


Class: Senior
Height: 6'1 1/4"
Weight: 220 lbs.
School: San Jose State
  • 66 TD passes in two years (33 each year)
  • Threw for 547 yards and six TDs in upset of previously undefeated Fresno State (2013)
  • Threw five TDs or more in three games (2013)
  • Only twice in his career did Fales NOT throw a TD (2012, 2013)
  • 2013 stats:  4,189 yards passing, 33 TDs and 13 INT

**Scouting report prepared by QB guru/former Wake Forest star QB James MacPherson

Senior Bowl Notes

  • Fales accepted an invitation to play in the 2014 Senior Bowl in Mobile
  • On Monday, the former Spartan showed some good accuracy and timing on all of his throws. He showed good quick feet on his pass drops, driving away from center and getting the ball out of quickly.  However he doesn't look like he's transferring his weight and using his legs in his throws.  He appeared to be struggling with his grip as well and pushing the ball which floated a little bit.  It was noticeable on the 12 yard out and bang 8 posts that were just a little low.  He underthrew several deep balls and had a difficult time driving the ball deep.  On film, he appeared to be able to drive the ball better.  Would like to see if he is able to this that during the week.  Having said that, he still showed he can make accurate throws on the intermediate and short routes.  He also showed some good leadership skills and being vocal on the when it was his turn in team periods and getting guys lined up.
  • On Wednesday, he made quick decisions and threw accurate passes in all passing drills.  Again, he struggled a little bit driving deeper throws.  He had a nice touch pass to the tight end on a corner route in 7-on-7.  There are questions about his pocket presence.  He looked jittery in the pocket during team period, taking off to run too quickly with good protection and go routes against press man coverage on the outside.  He needs to show more poise stepping up and sliding in the pocket and keeping his eyes down field.
  • Fales admitted that he was sick/under the weather on Monday and Tuesday.  That seems to fit given the fact that Wednesday was his best workout all week.
  • Fales was the leading passer in Saturday's game, completing six of his seven throws for 104 yards, a TD and an INT.


  • Smart and accurate pocket passing quarterback
  • Adequate arm, can make all of the throws and drive the ball down field as well as hit hole shot fade against Cover 2.
  • Understands coverages and his reads pre-snap and post-snap.
  • Good decision maker takes care of the football and does not force throws too many throws into coverage.
  • Goes through his progression quickly, scanning, the full field.
  • Aware of blitz and hot throws.
  • Anticipates well, can throw the ball before the receiver is out of his break on his route.
  • Throws the deep ball well, good ball placement on go's and post routes.
  • Able to adjust trajectory of football and throw with touch.
  • Decent pocket presence moving and sliding in and out of the pocket.
  • Can pump fake and reload quickly to pass.
  • Deceptive foot speed can pull it down and run pick up first downs.
  • Quick release can get the ball out quickly when he needs to.


  • Bad habit of being too stiff-legged and throwing falling back and off balance, resulting in under thrown and errant passes.  Gets more pronounced later in the game.
  • A little lazy and nonchalant with his pass drops.
  • Sometimes gets locked on to his play side read, misses back side linebacker and corner blitzes.
  • At times release becomes a little elongated and winds up to throw.
  • Runs very upright and does not always slide exposing himself to knock out hits when he does run.
  • Sometimes appears anxious and unsettled in the pocket against the pass rush.
  • Not sure how much responsibility he has at the line of scrimmage to change plays as well as pass protections to pick up blitzes.
  • Needs more urgency in Two-Minute drill, let too many seconds tick off clock, especially at the NFL level where the clock does not stop for first downs.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:01 Gets ball out quickly and on time versus a soft corner.
:30 Recognizes 1-on-1 coverage, great throw and location on go-route for a Touchdown.
3:37 Great read, anticipation, and pass on post route for a Touchdown.
4:32 Recognizes blitz gets the ball to receiver.
4:52 Stiff legged and falling back throws ball low and incomplete.
7:11 Impressive hole shot fade between corner and safety for a TD.
9:28 Nice job moving and sliding in pocket with touch pass over linebacker.
9:34 Great read and pass for a TD.  Needs more urgency in Two-Minute situation, wasted :03 to snap the ball.
10:44 Misses Cornerback blitz, but gets lucky and scrambles 15 yards for a first down.
12:15 Locked on to his read to the field misses potential backside hot throw with linebacker blitzing free.
12:32 Bad footwork throws falling back and under throws seam route for a should-be Touchdown.
15:03 Big third down completion throw with the lead to keep the clock running.


Facing the 11-0 Fresno State Bulldogs, Fales had an outstanding game completing 37 of 45 pass attempts (82%) for 547 yards, 6 TD and 0 INT's while leading his team to a 62-52 victory.  He showed he has a strong enough arm to make all of the throws.  He also showed he can drive throws into tight windows like a fade route he threw from the far hash he put in the hole between the corner and safety for a touchdown.  He also showed he's a good decision maker, making good reads of the defensive coverages pre-snap and post-snap, and consistently getting the ball to the open receivers.  He even showed his ability to pull the ball down and pick up first downs with his legs when necessary.  
However, he should have completed even more passes to open receivers.  On several passes he showed he has a bad habit of standing too stiff legged and falling back and off balance on his throws which result in incomplete under thrown passes.  This becomes more pronounced late in the game, perhaps from fatigue.  He also showed a tendency of locking on to his play side read that he missed several back side linebacker and cornerback blitzes that could have resulted in sacks.  He'll need to be more aware of these blitzes at the NFL level because these blitzers will make him pay if he does not recognize them and get the ball out of his hands on hot throws.