TSV Scouting Department

Keith Wenning

Report Prepared By John Harris

Keith Wenning Photo: CBSSports.com


Class: Senior
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 218 lbs.
School: Ball State
  • Johnny Unitas Golden Arm finalist - 2013
  • 2x Second-team All-MAC (2012, 2013)
  • Set school record for 300+ yard passing games with 16
  • Set school career records for TD passes and yardage
  • 2013 stats:  4,148 yards, 35 TD and seven INT

Combine Notes

**Combine measurements

  • 40 yard dash - 5.00 seconds
  • Vertical jump - 28"
  • Broad jump - 8'4"
  • 3-cone drill - 7.07 seconds
  • 20 yard shuttle - 4.25 seconds

**Arm/hand measurements

  • Arm length - 31 1/4"
  • Hand size - 10"


  • Very smart, accurate passing quarterback.
  • Slightly above average arm strength, but does an excellent job getting his legs into his throws.
  • Makes good decisions and takes care of the football (35 TD's, 7 INT's in 2013).
  • Understands defenses and can quickly scan and get through his progression.
  • Will look off and manipulate safeties and defenders.
  • Excellent balanced footwork dropping back and setting up to pass.
  • Very accurate throwing the deep outside go routes dropping them in the bucket.
  • Very good pocket presence will step up and has toughness and poise to hang in and take a hit.
  • Throws a catchable ball with touch that wide receivers can catch and run.
  • One of the more fundamentally and technically sound quarterbacks in college football.
  • Had a 64% completion percentage which would be higher if the offense relied more on bubble screens, and had a lot of wide receivers drop passes.


  • Slow footed, limited speed and acceleration to elude the pass rush.
  • Not great arm strength or able to drive throws down field on a line.
  • Has a tendency to pat the ball and release can become elongated resulting in late throws.
  • Once in a while has a bad habit of a low release resulting in some high throws or potentially batted down passes at the line of scrimmage.
  • A little inconsistent accuracy on some short and intermediate routes throwing passes behind receivers on slants.
  • Every now and then forces some risky throws into tight coverages which may get intercepted.
  • When throwing on the run has to stutter his feet and slow down instead staying on the move in stride.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:08 Waggle pass pulls up and hits corner route to his left.
:35 Excellent fade throw over outside shoulder for a touchdown.
1:27 Another excellent fade throw in tight coverage for a touchdown.
2:52 Gets throw out his hand quickly but is dropped.
4:02 Shows he does not have very quick and elusive foot speed.
4:29 Forces risky throw into triple coverage on 1st down and 10.
4:53 Great go route pass off play action throwing to field from far hash.
5:38 Another excellent go route pass, but looks left first to check receiver and/or to look off and hold the safeties.
6:31 Excellent footwork and comeback throw to the field from the far hash.
6:43 Great job recognizing safety rotation post-snap and hits backside open slant.
7:27 Hangs in the pocket to take a hit and throws corner route for a big first down.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:20 Gets to his second and third progression quickly and completes pass into tight coverage.
:40 Great throw for a touchdown, but excellent footwork sitting on back leg then driving throw. 
:57 Very good throw off the boot leg on deep cross but dropped.
2:11 Stutters his feet throwing on the run instead of staying on the move.
2:49 Excellent job recognizing blitz and has the poise to know he's protected and hits corner route to his left for a touchdown.
3:05 Underthrows go route but appears to have had pressure in his face.
3:22 Low release ball sails high and incomplete.
3:52 Big time corner throw against man to man for a big first down.
4:14 Pats the ball and throws late and behind receiver, but gets lucky as receiver makes a great catch to save him for a touchdown.
5:33 Excellent job going through progression and hitting back shoulder fade late to his left.
6:10 Great throw on the go route hitting the receiver in stride.
7:18 Excellent quick scan and look off to hold free safety and hit go route for a touchdown.


Ball State got out in front, held the lead and eventually defeated Eastern Michigan. However, Wenning was on point delivering accurate passes into tight press man coverage all day.  He hit several fade routes for touchdowns that were excellent throws.  If he does not make these accurate throws in the game, the score would have been a lot closer.  He also was very consistent making excellent reads and finding open receivers.  However, on one pass play he tried to force into triple coverage, which was broken up and almost intercepted.  For the most part though, he showed he's an accurate, fundamentally sound, and good decision making quarterback.  
Against Miami OH, Wenning had another outstanding game, attacking holes in the defense, and completing some impressive throws in tight coverage.  He showed he has a grasp of defenses and made good consistent decisions all game getting the ball to his open receivers and even looking off and manipulating the safeties on several throws.  He is one of the more fundamentally and technically sounds quarterbacks in college football and is almost always balanced when he throws.  He should've had a higher completion percentage, if not for several dropped passes by wide receivers.  He does have a tendency to get a little elongated with his passing motion and also pats the ball before he throws.  He threw a corner route late and behind his receiver after he patted the ball.  His receiver made an excellent catch for a TD.  He'll have to learn to break this habit at the NFL level because late passes behind receivers often times are six points for the other team.