TSV Scouting Department

Mike Evans

Report Prepared By John Harris

Mike Evans Photo:


Class: RS Sophomore
Height: 6'4 7/8"
Weight: 231 lbs.
School: Texas A&M
  • Biletnikoff Award Finalist (2013)
  • Set Texas A&M single season records in receiving yards and tied record for receiving TDs
  • First-team All-American (2013)
  • First-team All-SEC (2013)
  • Stats: 69 receptions, 1,394 yards and 12 TDs

Combine Notes

**Combine measurements

  • 40 yard dash - 4.53 seconds
  • Bench Press - 12 reps
  • Vertical Jump - 37"
  • 3 Cone Drill - 7.08 seconds
  • 20 yard shuttle - 4.26 seconds
  • 60 yard shuttle - 11.58 seconds

**Arm/Hand Measurements

  • Arm length - 35 1/8"
  • Hand size - 9 5/8"


A power forward in cleats, Evans is explosive in every way, shape and/or form.  The plays he can make on a field or the temper he can display off of it, on the sideline.  But, there's no denying that his best football is in front of him.  Many have expressed a concern that he's not a wide receiver.  To which, some say well, he's not a tight end.  I say, who freaking cares?  It makes me think of this story.  When Calvin Johnson was a true freshman at Georgia Tech, an NFL scout was at practice.  When he asked "who's the new tight end", a coach responded with "no, he's our new wide receiver".  The scout scoffed and said there was no way.  Two hours later, the scout was convinced that Johnson could play any position on the field, including, of course, his current position of wide receiver.
If we want to get into labels and the sort, we'll get into trouble.  Here's what Evans does - he creates mismatches for any secondary member on the field.  He's a pass catcher, whether that's at X, Y, Z or even at H, if he eventually moves to that position.  Look, there have been slower, smaller and less adept receivers than Evans and he's only going to get better.  Sure, he's hotheaded and emotional but name a receiver, other than the Johnsons (Andre and Calvin) and Larry Fitzgerald that aren't.  He'll need to work on his release at the line of scrimmage but with his size and power, he should be able to free to get a DB on his hip, regularly.  Then his basketball skills go to work.  Body control, positioning and going up and getting a rebound.  That's his game.  I'd love to see him be a red zone weapon, more so than he was at Texas A&M, but he'll eventually be more than that, as long as he can channel his emotion/aggression into his play and not let it take away from it.
If you thought that Alshon Jeffery was something, wait'll you get a load of this young man.