Taylor Lewan


Class: Senior
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 309 lbs.
School: Michigan

  • 2x B1G Rimington-Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year (2012, 2013)
  • Rotary Lombardi Award Semi-Finalist (2013)
  • First-team All-American (2012, 2013)
  • First-team All-B1G (2012, 2013)
  • 48 career starts

Combine Notes

**Combine measurements

  • 40 yard dash – 4.87 seconds
  • Bench Press – 29 reps
  • Vertical Jump – 30.5″
  • Broad Jump – 9’9″
  • 3 Cone Drill – 7.39 seconds
  • 20 yard shuttle – 4.49 seconds

**Arm/Hand Measurements

  • Arm length – 33 7/8″
  • Hand size – 9 1/4″


  • Good length and gets pretty good extension in pass pro
  • Outstanding in space as a blocker in screen game
  • Shows ability to change direction fluidly against inside moves off snap
  • Very fluid straight line athlete who can get down the line quickly on stretch plays
  • Keeps proper weight on inside foot with kick-slide and maintains good balance in setup
  • Uses length to re-direct defenders around pocket
  • Good at making adjustments on the second level vs. moving targets in run game
  • Despite his height, shows good bend in pass pro setup
  • Displays consistent hand placement
  • Shows ability to recover if beaten around the corner
  • Has taken snaps at both tackle positions
  • Strong grip once he punches and locks on


  • Fails to roll hips into his blocks at times which limits his power
  • Despite athleticism, will miss some second level blocks due to taking poor angles
  • Leans into DE too often in pass pro and is succeptible to “snatch & pull” defenders
  • High center of gravity can cause issues when dealing with edge rushers
  • Good athlete but average foot quickness with first two steps in pass protection
  • Inconsistent with angles to get across the face of defender in run game
  • Character concerns revolving around off-field and on-field behavior
  • Was flagged for 14 penalties over his last two seasons.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:26 Shows outstanding athleticism in getting out to perimeter and adjusting to make a block in space
2:56 Does a poor job of taking the proper angle to get a body on the DT
3:46 More issues with execution in attempting to get across the face of the DT
4:20 Quick sets defender on play-action, gets good initial punch, locks out and keeps defender squared
6:14 Gets weight out on balls of foot and leans on defender which causes him to lose engagement
8:57 Doesn’t take proper angle to backside LB on the second level
12:54 Sets to stop edge rush, changes direction vs. inside move and busts ass to get DE redirected at the end
13:54 Doesn’t fire out of stance and drive defender off spot, but gets stacked up instead
16:10 Sells the down block and then is able to sprint out in time and dive to make critical kickout block


TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:37 Comes out with low pad level, drives defender off the spot and finishes his block
1:12 Does a really nice job of playing with leverage and continuing to drive his feet after contact
1:54 Prevents athletic rusher from getting corner and stays engaged preventing secondary, inside move
3:05 Smooth step out to DE on play-action and shows strong hands to lock him up throughout play
4:53 Fires out with good pad level and leverage and finishes by burying defender
6:15 – 6:54 Completely loses cool on the field.  Watch entire sequence
5:53 Impressive ability to flip his hips and chase down back-side rusher


Taylor Lewan went back to Michigan for his Senior season, but I’m not sure he was able to raise his stock with his performance this year.  Lewan is a tall left tackle with a frame that should be able to pack on more mass and strength.  Lewan allowed just four sacks over his last two season, but allowed more pressure on the quarterback this year than last.

Lewan doesn’t always exhibit as strong a punch in pass protection as you would like, but he’s technically sound and does a good job of mirroring and keeping his defender squared up for the most part.  Lewan is equipped to deal with “try hard” pass rushers and it looks like he plays with a decent anchor for being so tall.  Because of his high center of gravity, I do see him get a little off-balance when edge rushers attack up field and then make a move back inside.

In running game, Lewan is inconstent as a drive-blocker but has tools to get better.  Lewan is active with his feet and generally stays engaged with his defender and he frequently gets his man walled off.  Upon contact, Lewan does a nice job of keeping his feet moving, but we don’t always see him snap his hips up underneath him to create even more leverage.  I don’t see Lewan as a scheme specific tackle, but I also don’t see him as a dominant power blocker or outstanding zone scheme fit despite his straight-line quickness.  Lewan is a solid pass protector who still needs work in run game.

Lewan is outstanding in space in Michigan’s screen game and he’s better than most with his ability to make contact with moving targets on the perimeter.  As of this writing, there are questions about Lewan’s involvement in an altercation with an Ohio State fan and he lost his composure on the field and admitted to “losing composure” with some “blantant” face masks.  His character will need to be vetted by NFL teams.  Lewan may not jump off the tape in any one regard, but he’s sticky with his pass protection and he has the necessary physical tools to develop into a more consistent run blocker.